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Jack is one of our Foster City plumbing professionals willing to help you with any problemOn the lookout for a new plumber in Foster City? Well, you'll never have to look for another plumber again, because once you choose our Foster City plumbers, you'll never go back. Our plumbing team is staffed by the most professional and friendly plumbing technicians on the market. We'll unclog your drain, maintain your water heater, and fix your leaky pipes all at an affordable price.

We are confident that you'll be satisfied with our services and will recommend us to your family and friends. Call our Foster City plumbers today to schedule an introductory appointment. We are eager to help solve your plumbing problems!

Call Us for Your Emergency Plumbing Needs in Foster City, CA

No one wants to deal with an emergency plumbing issue – except our plumbing team! Our profession revolves around maintaining, replacing, and repairing your cracked pipes and malfunctioning water heater, and we'll gladly come to your aid the next time you come home to an overflowing toilet or clogged kitchen sink. Don't stress – call our Foster City plumbing team to clean up the mess. Here are some common problems that we frequently repair:

our team cleared this kitchen drainClogged kitchen sink
we can fix any broken garbage disposalsBroken garbage disposals
one of our Foster City plumbers is fixing a leaky pipeLeaky pipes
Mike has finished repairing this malfunctioning water heaterMalfunctioning water heaters

Foster City Drain Cleaning Done the Right Way

Tom, a Foster City drain cleaning pro, is working on fixing a kitchen drainAre you getting ready to make a big dinner for the family, but have realized that your kitchen sink isn't draining properly? If you have a drain clog, it can be disastrous for your kitchen, ruining your big plans and causing a stink in your home.

Before you go to the store and pick up some over the counter drain clog removal chemicals, you should call our professional plumbers in Foster City, CA.

Tips for Keeping Your Drains Clear

Many drain clogs can be avoided by following some simple tips around the house.

  1. Don't pour grease or oil down the kitchen sink – instead, let it solidify in a separate container and throw it into the garbage. This prevents it from building up in your pipes and causing nasty, hard to remove drain clogs.
  2. Use a drain screen or filter – this will catch food scraps in the kitchen, and soap scum and hair in the bathroom. Both of these are major sources of drain clogs, and something as simple as a drain screen will prevent these materials from ever entering your drain at all.
  3. Regularly clean your drains – it's a great idea to check your drains every few months or so, even if they aren't acting up. Purchase a small drain snake from your local hardware store and use it instead of a liquid drain cleaner. For nastier, more stubborn clogs, we recommend that you use the help of a professional who is stocked with high-grade drain clog removal tools.

Need plumbing assistance right away? Call us for your plumbing needs in Foster City today.

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